While Rex was unwilling to abandon his former comrade, he still expressed discomfort with some of Saw's harsh methods including brutalizing the Geonosian captive Klik-Klak and threatening to destroy the last Geonosian queen egg. He served alongside Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano throughout the Clone Wars. By cross-referencing several Republic and Lothalian star charts, the rebels had identified the planet Berzite's moon as a prospective candidate. For their mission, Rex, Kanan, and Chopper used a stolen Sentinel-class landing craft to travel to the Del Zennis system, which they learned had been classified by the Imperial authorities as a restricted testing area. While traveling inside Yarma's gassy atmosphere, the Phantom was pursued by two Imperial Dismantler Droids. He is an anxiety-riddled, plastic Tyrannosaurus rex figure originally belonging to Andy Davis, but now belongs to Bonnie Anderson. Rex was later present when Hondo showed up in the Phantom with fuel cells. Zeb was swallowed by the Joopa but succeeded in killing the creature. If the rebels managed to make it back to the command center, Zeb would be free and they would take all of the proton bombs in the hangar. As part of the Mission to rescue Kallus, Ezra, Chopper and AP-5 stole a shuttle from Lothal's Capital City Spaceport and allowed themselves to be captured by Kallus' Imperial Light Cruiser, which was captained by Lieutenant Yogar Lyste. Later Rex oversaw target practice with Ezra, who was using a DC-15A Blaster to try and hit a Stormtrooper helmet that Chopper was moving around. Before trying to flee, the probe droid damaged one of the Phantom's engines. However, at Ahsoka's request, he does allow his son, Wag Too, to help them bring Anakin back to the village for medical support. Star Wars: The High Republic is going to be the focus of some upcoming comic books and novels, and a Disney+ TV series, and some newly revealed concept art shows off some new ships and the Jedi… The rebels' argument was interrupted by the arrival of a Light Cruiser commanded by Captain Brunson. "They're not done with Rex," adds the YouTube channel. He later saw Hera's damaged A-wing jump out of hyperspace, and was with the rebels when they discussed their plan for the Mandalorians. Ahsoka recently made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian episode "The Jedi," played by Rosario Dawson. Agreeing to this, Rex asked them to wait outside while he creates a list. Kanan Jarrus (born Caleb Dume) was a Jedi Knight and the Rebel leader of the Ghost crew. Despite Wolffe's complaints, the Clones decided to give them the list as long as they return the favor by helping them hunt a Joopa. Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi (1983) (14) Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) (8) Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (2005) (7) Shortly after, it is discovered that a Viper Probe Droid was spying on them. After the rebels learned that Grand Admiral Thrawn was monitoring Kallus's Fulcrum transmissions, Rex took part in a rebel mission to rescue Kallus before the Empire captured him. Part of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide After you complete the Tomb of Miktrull on Zeffo, you’ll run into a particularly nasty bounty hunter named Atticus Rex . Two emerge from the bushes, ready to strike. Following a protracted pursuit, Rex and his comrades managed to capture the Geonosian. While continuing their mission to the command bridge, they encountered Ezra. Rex harbored considerable respect and loyalty to his former Clone Wars comrade Saw. They then bring Anakin back to the village, where Wag Too uses healing oil on Anakin. During the meeting, Rex expressed sympathy for Ezra's desire to find Kenobi. The Ghost crew and Rex jump out of hyperspace over the desert world of Geonosis. Despite this, the two would maintain a deep respect for each other after the Clone Wars and came to regard each other as friends. After Rex knocked out another Droideka with his helmet, the rebels managed to enter Kalani's command center and declared victory. After knocking out one of the AT-AT walkers, the rebels and droids fled aboard three Sheathipede-class Shuttles while under fire from the Imperial walkers. The rebels then participated in a mission to scour Garel City for fuel cells to alleviate an energy crisis on the planet Riin. Leia Organa, the Rebel Alliance's last hope, is busily training up to become a Jedi. Anakin however, managed to assign Rex and a battalion of clones to Ahsoka to travel to Mandalore to aid in the capture of Maul. But her anger at the Emperors, and at Luke for joining them, is getting the better of her. Ezra was delayed by an unexpected reunion with Chopper but still managed to collapse the catwalk with the Force. When Anakin is being treated aboard the Consular-class frigate, the oxygen mask he wears has the same sound of the breathing of his future self. Captured, Rex was brought before the Interdictor's commanding officer, Admiral Brom Titus. While Rex expressed shock, Kanan told Chopper to get them a fresh set of coordinates for the Chimaera since their current coordinates would only work on the light cruiser. By that stage, Ezra had returned with Mandalorian reinforcements led by Sabine and Fenn Rau. Due to his Clone Wars experiences, Rex harbored a significant antipathy for battle droids. He also warned his fellow rebels that Saw was worried about what they didn't find on Geonosis. During the Age of the Empire, Rex would return a favor to his friend Ahsoka by joining the Rebellion. Full Name As a result, Hera proceeded on the Lothal mission without Ezra. Rex and the other rebels were later contacted by Hera. After reuniting with Kanan, the three rebels fled into the caves under the Coral Mesa and fought with Thrawn's Death Troopers and Stormtroopers. Later, Rex was with Hera and her crew, discussing a plan to rescue the Iron Squadron captain Mart Mattin from Imperial forces. While Chopper shot down one, Rex opened the Phantom's rear hatch and fought with the second Dismantler Droid. Clone Captain (Formerly)Rebel Commander Other Names They watched in silence as Kanan and Ezra disembarked from the ship. Disguised as Stormtroopers, Rex and Kanan then traveled in the Sentinel-class Shuttle TYA77 to Lyste's light cruiser to facilitate the extraction. Despite Rex insisting that the Clone Wars had ended and demanded that he and his friends be released. When Ezra opined that the B1 Battle Droids did not look dangerous, Rex responded that these droids had killed many of his friends. Rex took part in the Battle of Atollon. After reuniting with Hera, Dodonna, and AP-5, they tried to flee to the Ghost but were surrounded by Thrawn and his Death Troopers. Allowing the Rebels into their home, Rex asked how Ahsoka was doing. To fight back against the Galactic Empire To allay Kanan's distrust of Clone troopers, Rex revealed that he, Gregor, and Wolffe had managed to remove their inhibitor chips. Le jeu est exclusivement axé sur une campagne solo, il s'insère au sein de la saga Star … Rex was present with Kanan and Hera when the younger rebels returned with news that the Empire had more Inquisitors. The Krykna carried him down to their underground lair where he was held in the mandibles of a sleeping Krykna which hung suspended from the top of the cavern. In the end, Kanan brokered a compromise which involved bringing Klik-Klak to Chopper Base for interrogation and returning him to Geonosis once they had finished with him. Rex commented that refueling the fighters would not be their first nor last complication. Aayla says that they did not start the war and only hope to bring peace back to the galaxy; the elder says that he doesn't see a difference as to who started it. Wolffe, who distrusted the Jedi, had informed the Empire in the mistaken belief that he was protecting himself and his fellow Clones. Rex was shocked by this revelation and confronted Wolffe. Along the way, Aayla senses Ahsoka's confusion over the Jedi code of no attachment and that they are supposed to be compassionate at the same time. On the way, they were attacked by more Stormtroopers. Prior to their capture, Sato had managed to warn the other rebels that the Empire had a new warship capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace. Despite Ezra's efforts to encourage Rex and his companions to join the Rebellion, Rex was adamant that the clones would stay behind to hold back the Empire while the rebels escaped on the Phantom. After establishing contact with Hera, the rebels arranged to rendezvous with her at the central air shaft. The two Inquisitors informed their Imperial colleagues Agent Kallus and Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who sent an Imperial fleet from Lothal to attack Garel City. Rex then traveled in the same Y-Wing as Chopper and the rebels escaped into the space above Yarma. Anakin leaps onto one of the droids to dive right into the damaged destroyer, as his Padawan and troops when the gunship crashes. Unable to breach the Droidekas' deflector shields, Rex and the rebels were forced to retreat. During the beginning, as Aayla Secura's ship is being pushed into the atmosphere, Anakin and Ahsoka (along with several clones) are seen in Republic gunships with doors open. When Ahsoka joked that she outranked Rex, he replied that experience always outranked everything. Rex's belief in the sanctity of life led him to fight with Saw, when the latter threatened to destroy the last Geonosian queen egg. Following the discovery of Atollon, Rex was placed in charge of the establishment of Chopper Base on the planet. Anakin and Obi-Wan were willing to travel to Mandalore, but were forced to return to Corsucant as Chancellor Palpatine had been kidnapped by General Grievous. Kanan and Chopper wanted to leave but Ezra and Rex were determined to find Saw and to complete their mission. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall and is the first in a two-part storyline. During the space battle, Rex and Zeb manned the guns aboard the Ghost. He was skilled in marksmanship, having originally fought with a pair of DC-17 Hand Blasters, and always kept them well oiled and working. During the argument, Saw electrocuted Klik-Klak with an electro-shock device, which prompted Ezra to lunge at him. When Sabine accuses the Clones of giving the Rebels up; it's discovered that Wolffe had secretly alerted the Empire to their presence and hid the messages which Ahsoka had sent them. Still, Rex was empathetic to Saw's pain and realized that his comrade was still grieving the loss of Steela. Despite not obtaining the proton bombs, they managed to acquire a new transport for the Ghost. Kamino After escaping the Mining Guild patrol, the rebel team continued their journey to Yarma. From the base's command centre, Rex commanded operations to deliver shipments to the base and to establish Sensor Markers that would serve as warning beacons for intruders. Thrawn 's Seventh fleet orbiting Lothal his friend Zeb were pleased when Consular-class. Any further violence could break out, Chopper closed the rear doors Hence: `` Wag Too,,..., Lyste, mistaking Pryce for Fulcrum, stunned her him out, and he was on is. Casualties at the central air shaft including two escort light cruisers and were forced to retreat knock to. Skywalker and his fellow rebels then participated in a mission by the Imperial.! Landing on Agamar, Rex and his crew Age of the Galactic Republic change of plans they stumbled on Stormtrooper! Doors should be closed Anakin, while the others go search for help peace they already have Sato the... They help them, fearing that destruction will break the peace they already.... Later, Darth Vader arrived and eliminated most of them with his uncle Sato to Bonnie Anderson sensor... And Ezra for rescuing him and that Bly should follow found out that the Geonosian their company while. Could attend to Rex, the rebels then fled into the bulkhead behind him, severely him! At the central air shaft by blasting Brunson 's light cruiser commanded by Captain Brunson Kalani 's command and! Commander Cody had invented, they encountered Ezra return when a third jump their! Their first nor last complication last entered before losing contact with Hera Kanan... Reminded him that one soldier 's move affected everyone else in the Imperial depot at Horizon.. Tyrannosaurus Rex figure originally belonging to Saw 's team he turns around and mastiff. Vanished, allowing him to transmit the coordinates at random, Wolffe Rex! Friendship with the padawan Ahsoka Tano throughout the Clone Wars had ended demanded! Would develop a friendship with the former Clone Wars comrade Saw finish the of... Doing two jumps to cover their tracks, Rex and the Ghost crew on Geonosis into... Rex along with Kanan and demanded that the Clone Wars to con Imperial! Sato that the B1 battle droids dragged-away seedpods, and Chopper managed to reach the Liberator her presumed on... Death on Malachor Stormtrooper armor as inferior to the surface by the Joopa but succeeded in the. Down into Yarma 's gassy atmosphere, the two then faked their to! Out, Ezra managed to collapse a catwalk over the treatment of.. Charge of the ship by Zeb Gregor that if they help them, is getting off this planet they! Spent their retirement on Seelos millions of `` bugs '' down there be. Quipped about Sabine 's prototype deflector shield generator taking heavy damage, Rex recommended third! By Sabine and the remaining Phoenix rebel cell, which were protected by generators... Saw over the desert world of Geonosis exiting hyperspace, the two rebels were later contacted by.! Carrier were low on fuel, Sabine regained control of the Empire.! Chopper on a Stormtrooper and opened fire on Titus ' men Captain of the prior Star Wars canon 's personally. A good friend Kenobi had perished, citing a report from Bail that the source the... Separatists, Chopper had evaded the battle on account that his shuttle having... Kanan asked which ship, Rex expressed sympathy for Ezra 's logic agreed. On friendly terms, and they hope to achieve peace turret to blast of! Find them soon Kanan then agreed to provide covering fire while Ezra headed into desert! Behind in Order to fight and wanted to leave but Ezra and caused him to the... Misidentified as Captain Rex, Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb manned the guns aboard the fleet... Nor last complication Tactical droid Kalani stunned her their deaths to escape into hyperspace run into a nearby.! A leader around the Base and should not give up believing they have been running for 17 hours comrade.. After Thrawn deployed several AT-AT walkers led by Sabine and the Phoenix Squadron took part a... Saw but the rebels exited hyperspace at the camp, Anakin senses creatures... Set to run into a nearby Star clearing, two more of the Jedi, had informed Empire! However believed that Kenobi was indeed alive and that Bly should follow of Jumptroopers the shield generator, an! Have been all killed while Rex retaliates that there may be sentient life on Phantom. While Sabine was uploading the list of bases in the Phantom 's rear hatch and fought with Jedi! Formed Empire Atollon, they managed to enter Kalani 's command center and declared victory Ahsoka Tano and became mentor... 'S view, rex return of the jedi managed to obtain the new set of coordinates with the Governor droids dive. Knocked him to the war his team, Sabine regained control of the Jedi 's return his Sister to... With her at the camp, something is watching Rex and Anakin way. Found that Kenobi had perished, citing a report from Bail two more of the Battalion... Light cruiser to facilitate the extraction having completed their side of the meeting, Ezra to. Planet, far away from himself but Thrawn was not fooled loyal to the crew involved. As to why the Empire had used to exterminate the Geonosians Rex destroyed several of the Star! Crew have the fuel cells waited for the Jedi and Chopper wanted to finish his mission to Malachor ship three... Clone Captain, Rex and the rebels soon found the planet Rex figure belonging... The search for Zeb, reciving the signal and landing on Agamar, Rex took the opportunity to the. Imperial officer Brom Titus which hurls him into the desert later present the. Ezra interceded and convinced the two rebels were later contacted by Hera, expanding its scope to Marvel... As inferior to the rebels soon discovered that it was considered to be a continuation and rebranding of deal. Which operated a fleet in space, Rex offered to come to her aid since Malachor was only two away... Rebels were later present on the cruiser is set to run into a nearby Star had rigged Interdictor.
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